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NDM returns the Number of Days in a Month or the number of specified weekdays in a month.


NDM(MonthOffset/Date, optional Weekdays)

MonthOffset/Date: If a number it is the Zero based offset from the Start Date of the report. If this field is a date string (i.e. "07/16/2004") or refers to a cell with a date in it, it sets the month to calculate for

Common values:

0 = Current month
1 = One month after current month
2 = Two months after current month

Weekdays: Optional parameter.  If omitted function returns the total number of days in the month.  Is a string that specifies which days of the week to count.  You can combine strings to count more than one weekdays.  "MW" counts Mondays and Wednesdays in the month. 

Su - Sunday
M - Monday
Tu - Tuesday
W - Wednesday
Th - Thursday
F - Friday
Sa - Saturday



Start Date of Report is 12/01/2014

Formula  Returns  Explanation
NDM(0) 31

Current month is December 2014 which has 31 days.

NDM(1,"M") One (1) month after start month of report is Jan 2015 which has 4 Mondays. 
NDM("1/1/2001") 31 

Janurary 2001 has 31 days.

NDM(B5) 28

B5 displays 2/1/2015 (Feb 1st 2015) which has 28 days.

Download Example Template: Help_NDM_Examples.hwr (Click here for download instructions)

See Also: GNOS to count the number of samples and GSV to test for missed samples.


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