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Q14756 - HOWTO: Supported variable configurations for interface Q14743

Supported variable configurations for the WIMS Direct Server-Side Interface to EDS SCADA CSV Files.

To configure a variable to hold values from the source data, select Edit/View Variables in the Hach WIMS client and select the Interface tab.

on the Interface tab, click the Interface To radio button. The drop down box next to the option is now enabled. Click the drop down arrow and choose the appropriate interface name (name given when configuring the interface).

Now you are ready to configure a signal tag to the source data. The Tag name and a Statistic are all that are mandatory.

    This is the tag name for the SCADA tag.

    This is a listing of all the statistics supported by this interface.  This includes the following statistics for a specified time period.


Take the average of the data points


Get the minimum value



Get the maximum value


Get the first value


Get the last value

    This is the value to multiply the result by when using parameter variable types.  Commonly used to convert from one unit base to another. For example to convert gallons per minute (GPM) to gallons per day (GPD), set the scale factor to 1440 (1440 minutes per day).

    All three fields must have numeric values or the word None (as shown).  The Low Range and High Range will crop data from the source. For example to eliminate negative numbers from a particular tag, set the Low Range to 0 (zero) - this will get any values equal to or greater than 0 (zero). The Deadband is used for the statistic Inventory and will eliminate noise levels up to the value specified. For example, if you enter .5 next to Deadband, any value change of .5 or less, will be ignored.

  • Start Time will set the beginning of the time slot for this variable.
  • Stop Time will set the ending time for the time slot.
  • Same Day as Start is only used by daily variables and it means the stop time is on the same day as the start time.
  • Day After Start is also only used by daily variables and it means the stop time is a day after the start time.

    Filter Data is not currently supported by this interface.

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