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In order to configure source connection for the interface, click Configuration>Source Configuration.

The next screen will allow you to enter your 120 WaterAudit account information.

URL: The 120WaterAudit API URL. Default of https://api.120wateraudit.com/public/v1/  

ClientID: ID assigned by 120WaterAudit.

Client Secret: Secret assigned by 120WaterAudit.

Ignore Case when matching between Source Identifiers and WIMS Variable Cross References: Enable this setting when you need to ignore case during matching of Claros Location:Parameters to WIMS variable cross reference fields. For example, if the Claros parameter name is "pH", in WIMS variable setup in the Interface, Data name field you could enter "PH", "pH", or "ph" and they would all match (if enabled).

Proxy Server IP : Port No: If your system uses a Proxy Server enter the Proxy Server IP Address and Port No (ex. otherwise leave blank.

Value to import when Below Detection Limit is True:  This is used when the 'BelowDetectionLimit' flag is set on a Sample Result from 120 Water Audit.  Result can be preceeded with '<' (ex. <1.0). Result can be returned as 'Result', 'Reporting Limit' or 'Detection Limit'.


Tests the URL, UserName, and Password. Does NOT Apply or Save the settings.

Creates and populates the G2_Q14578_x_Locations table with 120WaterAudit locations (Locations.ExternalID field) and G2_Q14412_x_Tests table with Lead, Copper in OPSROOT.  This allows WIMS users to browse the Location and Parameters when cross referencing in WIMS - System Setup>Edit/View Variables Interface Tab.

Note:  As Locations are added to the 120WaterAudit system, you will need to click Gen Browser to populate/update the latest information into these tables. 


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