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Q14562 - INFO: Sample Login - Wyoming Michigan Util

Sample Login Utility created for Wyoming Michigan

Code Repo:  SampleLogin.vbp in OPSSQL repo

Used by External Customers of the lab to login samples.  Some samples will be for defined locations (Sample Defs already setup) and some for new locations. 


1. User selects Customer (LC_PEOPLE.ClientType = 0 or 1)

2. Click Pick Location which displays a list of locations (Sample Defs) that are assigned to that customer.


2. Click Add New Location, user enters address.  The tool will try to format the address and verify it does not exist already.  See note below for address formatting.

  • Will check if a Sample Def (LC_SAMPLEDEF.NAME) already exists.
  • If not it will create:
    • A new Sample Def by copying the first Sample Def for that customer with a Sample type of 'Routine Bacti' (called the Sample Def Template)
    • A new location for the address with the same parent location as the location in the Sample Def Template.
    • Copies of all variables from the Sample Def Template's location.
    • Creates a Sample for new Sample Def created.

NOTE - Address Format:

Addresses will be set to proper case. 

For new addresses the following rules are applied to try to "normalize" address entry:
String Replaced with
Double Space Single Space
Avenue, Ave. Ave
Circle, Cir. Cir
Street, St. St
Loop, Lp. Lp
Lane, Ln. Ln
Boulevard, Blvd. Blvd
Drive, Dr. Dr
Highway, Hwy. Hwy


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