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Allows you to create a list of Labs.  The Lab can then be identified on Close/Edit Sample form and a default lab for a sample can be setup on the Sample Setup form.    This allows you to track which lab performed the analysis. 



Move to the first record in the list.

Move to the previous record.

Move to the next record.

Move to the last record.

Used to add a new person.

Deletes the currently displayed record.

Displays a list of all labs and allows selection of lab.

Save changes to the current record and exits form.

Exit the form.  Changes to the current record are not saved.



LabID:  A unique Id for the lab.  Used in electronic reports this is the ID Number assigned by certification or approving agency.  Can be used to enter the EPA Lab ID (format STXXXXX, i.e. NM12345) or a SDWIS/CMDP Lab ID (I.e. PH-0224)

Name:  Lab Name.

Address:  Optional.

City: Optional.

State: Optional

Zip: Optional.

Phone:  Optional. 

Notes: Optional. Notes or comments for any addition information on the lab. 

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