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Q14467 - INFO: 2017 Hach WIMS National User Conference

2017 Hach WIMS National User Conference
August 29-31, 2017
Embassy Suites & Convention Center
Loveland, Colorado

Agenda: National WIMS User Conference 2017-Agenda.pdf

Basic Training: WIMS Wastewater Training Guide 2017.doc, WIMS Water Training Guide.doc

Claros Videos


Interactive Challenge Winners:

Session 1:

John Holland – CT Water
Jessica Beattie – Artesian Water
Phillip Brown – Jacksonville Beach
Brenna Durkin – Littleton Englewood

Session 2:

Emily Ryback – Charlotte Water
Josh Thompson – Henderson Water Utility
Michael Torres – City of San Buenaventura

Documents Description Presenter


Welcome and Vision Darin Stell, VP Global Sales, Hach


What's new in Hach WIMS 7.6.6 Scott Dorner, IIM Product Manager, Hach
Intro_to_Interfacing-Tue_1045.pptx Introducing Data Interoperability - Interfacing Best Practices Scott Dorner, IIM Product Manager, Hach
MDC_Using_WIMS_at_MDC_for_Scale_Billing.pptx Using WIMS at MDC’s WWTPs for Scale Billing Bob Rostkowski, Metropolitan District Commission - Hartford, CT
Latham_Langlier_Saturation_Index Study-Using_Trending_for_WTP_Optimization.pptx Langlier Saturation Index Study – Using Trending for WTP Optimization Patty Zappala, Town of Colonie / Latham Water – Latham, NY
CT_Water_Compliance_Data_Validation.pptx Compliance Data Validation at CT Water & Maine Water

John Holland, CT Water - Clinton, CT
Maya Clifford, Maine Water – Soco, ME

Helix_Reporting Efficiencies_at_HWD.pptx Using WIMS to Gain Reporting Efficiencies, Consistencies and Improved Communications Michelle Berens, Helix Water District
Events_and_Trigger_Reporting-Wed_1015.pptx Events and Trigger Reporting: Using compliance engine to detect and report data outside of normal operating range Scott Dorner, IIM Product Manager, Hach
Claros_Collect_presentation.pptx Introducing Claros Collect – Mobile Data Collection Tool to Capture Remote Field Data Scott Dorner – IIM Product Manager, Hach Bryan Sharpnack – Application Development Manager Software, Hach

OPSCHALLENGE.zip (Zipped MS SQL backup)

Interactive Knowledge Building Challenge Phil Arndt – IIM Project Manager, Hach
Boulder_Utilizing_WIMS_for_Operational_Efficiency.PPT Utilizing Hach WIMS for Operation Efficiency Niall Stewart – City of Boulder, CO
Bend_Benefits_of_Custom_WIMS_Dashboards_for_Compliance.pptx Benefits of Custom WIMS Dashboards for Compliance Drexell Barnes - City of Bend, OR
Security-Thur_1015.pptx Security Setup and Best Practices
▪ Data approval workflow
▪ Security setup
▪ Group managers
Scott Dorner – IIM Project Manager, Hach
Kadiyala_WIMS_national_conference_2017_08_31_dist.pdf Cloud and Cyber Security, Computing and IoT Challenges Raja Kadiyala – Intelligent Systems Global Practice Leader CH2M Engineering
Hach_Closing_Barry_Lyon.pptx Closing Barry Lyon – VP Marketing, Hach


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