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Presentation: Using Statistical Process Control(SPC) for improved Utility Management


  • North Carolina AWWA-WEA Spring Conference, April 2015 - Wilmington, NC by Scott Dorner
  • South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC), March 2015 - Myrtle Beach, SC by Scott Dorner


Statistical Process Control(SPC) is a process that is based on continuous improvement principles and can help utilities meet new demands.  Access to accurate and complete data is a key tenet of lean management.   Plant personnel need years of lab, process, and field data that are organized for easy access and is trusted. Once the data is available, plant personnel are then empowered to look at long term trends, develop Key Performance Indicators, correlation graphs, and Statistical Process Control charts. As part of the continuous improvement process of lean operations, these tools can be used to troubleshoot issues, set up experiments, do predictive analysis and manage and maintain processes and drive action on the highest value activities for best results.  This increased accuracy and information provides allows improved operations and managing of environmental concerns.

This paper will show examples from utilities that have implemented Database Management Systems, trend charting, KPIs, and SPC tools and have used those tools as part of their strategy of ongoing improvements – making information driven decisions.  We will discuss how and where these tools should be applied.   Basic SPC techniques will be presented including how to interpret SPC charts. A case study from Western Berks Water Authority in which they used these tools to understand and improve their chemical addition allowing them to reduce costs and maintain water quality will be presented.

Understanding what tools and options are available will help utilities facilitate better business practices to drive improvements.  Using SPC can help utilities to produce a higher quality product at a lower price while protecting our environment.

Download Presentation Powerpoint: SPC_for_Utility_Mgmt.pptx

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