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 Managing Chemical Costs: Utility was seeing seasonal issues but without access to accurate, historical data was re-inventing the solution each time.  With WIMS analysis tool they were able to see along term trend and investigate and document the issues and solution.

  • Symptoms:
      -  A ~4MGD Drinking Water Plant feeding KMn04, PAC, Sulfuric Acid, Coagulant, Fluoride,   
         Chlorine, KOH, Phosphate, Ammonium Sulfate saw chemical costs rising
      -  The utility wanted to understand what was driving the costs and put some processes in place
         to manage chemical usage
  • Results:
    -  ~$25,000/year in chemical savings
    -  Less than 1 hour required for detailed analysis and solution discovery
    -  Making data-driven decisions – data shows trends, issues and improvements leading to:
        -- Better budgeting
        -- More efficient operation
        -- Better communications
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