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A year over year graph displays a single variable for a date range selected vs the same date range for the previous 1 to 5 years 

There are two methods to produce a year over year graph: 

Method 1: Using Variable Analysis Graphs

To produce a year over year graph showing Influent Flow for May 2014 with May 2013, 2012, and 2011:

1. Go to Variable Analysis Graphs.

2. Choose your variable and date range.  Influent Flow and May 2014:

3. Check the Show Year over Year graph. 

4. Click


Method 2:  Use a dashboard button to display a Year over Year graph for a specific variable. 

1. Edit your dashboard using Spread Design.

2. Use Locate, Dashboard button.  Choose your variable and Year Over Year Graph.  Choose the date range.  The Year over Year graph shows the same date range selected vs the previous 1 to 5 years. 

3. Save your report/dashboard. 

4. Click button on dashboard to display the graph. 


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