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Introduction - South Gippsland Water, Australia use Hach WIMS using accurate data to make informed decisions.

South Gippsland Water’s service area covers 22 towns and 4,000 square kilometres. The total water
and wastewater treatment operation includes 10 water treatment plants and 11 wastewater
treatment plants. In relative terms in Victoria, South Gippsland Water (SGW) would be considered a
small regional water utility with proportionally less resources both in terms of revenue and
employees. Given this reality, the challenge to meet water quality standards and regulatory
requirements that do not discriminate based on an organisation’s size is only possible through the
implementation of innovative and efficient operational and management processes.
For the past 13 years, an on-going challenge to the management of drinking water at South Gippsland
Water has been the management of data. Monitoring and collecting data is relatively easy compared
to the required analysis which brings value to such information. Over the past 13 years SGW has
developed a range of database systems to manage a variety of data obtained from internal, external
and on-line monitoring.
To read more about how this utility used WIMS to monitor and optimize their operations, please download the case study.
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