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Q12995 - INFO: Why update to WIMS from OPS SQL

Hach WIMS is the latest version of the OPS SQL product.  As it is an update, it is free to users on support.  Depending on the complexity (interfaces, database size, etc...) of your installation you may need on-site services to assist in a succesful update. 

Benefits of update:

  • Being on the latest version of the software improves your tech support as our staff is most familar with WIMS.  As less and less people run OPS SQL, our tech support staff will become less up to date on OPS SQL as they are WIMS.
  • Many bug fixes, see WIMS Release Notes
  • Compliance Engine - scans your database for regulatory violations and QC Flags.  Creates a record in the event table making reporting, triggers, etc… much easier to deal with.
  • Action History - WIMS now audits Lab Cal Samples, Form and Report Design, Variable Setup, and System Tables.
  • Multi-Sheet Spread Reports. 
  • Free for users on support

Click here to see a video on the key new features of WIMS at work. 


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