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Q12288 - HOWTO: How to install a Hach WIMS MSI package


MSI packages for Hach WIMS that are NOT Patch MSI's (see Q12287) are files that look like "wims_ZZZZ.msi" and fall into two categories:

  1. Packages that are installed by the Platform Installer Bootstrapper
  2. Direct Server-Side Interface MSI packages that can be installed stand-alone provided your system meets the prerequisites (TODO: link to prerequisites article)

Right clicking and MSI package, choosing Properties and then clicking on the Summary tab will tell you in which category it falls:

This is an interface MSI and can be installed by double clicking it, provided you meet the prerequisites.

Double-clicking on an MSI package that needs the PlatformInstaller will display the following error and installation will terminate:

Installation for Platform Installer MSI's:

  1. Download the MSI by clicking the link provided to you
  2. Save the MSI to a location on your hard drive, or to a network-mapped drive
  3. Launch the Wims Platform Installer from any Hach WIMS DVD by inserting the DVD, or, if Autorun is disabled, by double-clicking the PlatformInstallerBootstrapper.exe file on the DVD
  4. When you get to this screen, enter the path (without the file) of the location you saved the MSI in.
  5. Click Next and finish the wizard

Installation Direct Server-Side Interface MSI's:

TODO: finish

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