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This is the source configuration screen for the Hach WIMS Direct Server-Side Interface to OSISoft PI Historian. It is important to note that in order to connect to an OSISoft PI Historian server, the PI OLEDB driver must be installed on the computer where this interface is installed.  This driver must be version 2.0.11 or later in order to support the queries used by this interface.

In order to configure source connection from the interface, click Configuration and select Source Configuration.

The next screen will display parameters such as Data Source, User IDPasswordConnection and Command Timeouts, and allow you to Test Connection:

  • OLE DB Provider - this is the provider used to communicate with PI OLEDB, by default it is set to PIOLEDB.1
  • Data Source - this field specifies, in loose terms, the "Database/Datasource server name" where your PI system is configured to store data.
  • Initial Catalog - this is the intial catalog to use for extracting data and should be set to piarchive
  • Authentication - Method used to authenticate (connect) to the OSI PI system.
    • Username/Password - Enter a PI User ID and Password used to connect to the system.  NOTE: Some PI systems do not require a User ID and Password in the connection string to connect.  If so, these fields can be left blank.  
    • Windows (integrated security) - uses the current Windows account credentials for authentication (Integrated Security=SSPI).  NOTE:  When running as a service, will use the account information for the Service Log On tab.
  • Advanced Configuration - these permit adjustment of the command and connection timeout.

    • Connection Timeout in Seconds - how many seconds the program should wait when establishing a connection to the OSI server.
    • Command Timeout in Seconds - specifies how many seconds the program should wait for a query to complete before aborting the operation.
  • Advanced Settings - these settings provide additional configuration capability.
    • Retreval Methodology - determines how data is retrieved from the source.
      • Interpolated -  Interpolated means that values are interpolated and evenly spaced over time. In some cases, this means filling in data holes.
      • Non - Interpolated - This options retrieves data from PIARCHIVE's "PICOMP" table/view. Values are "as is" and not manipulated. Values are not evenly spaced over time.

For more information on advanced settings and how they are implemented, see the article: Configuration - Source Configuration Q12233 - Advanced Settings.


 Test to see if the connection to the OSISoft PI server is valid.

The other buttons are explained in Using Common Buttons.

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