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Q12033 - INFO: Release Notes for Hach WIMS Server-Side Interface Platform

Build 149 (9/16/2015)

  • Menu item Support>Am I licensed for this interface now works with new licensing system. 

Build 147 (8/21/2015)

  • Added GetLocationPath to CommonGlobals (4660)

Build 146 (6/2/2015)

  • Fixed error condition when LockDate is not set in the database (4605)

Build 145 (7/3/2014)

  • Minor update of UI for Windows 7 (4431)
  • Minor update of Automated Import Configuration for Windows 7 (4466)

Build 142 (10/1/2013)

  • Improved Time/Date syncing issues experienced by some clients (4207)
  • Added a database connection throttle (performance throttle) advanced configuration option that pauses between source queries allowing other database process events to execute (4267)

Build 137

  • Modified to handle the new licensing for SQL Server 2012.(4202)
  • Handled out of memory error when the interfaces are ran with many variables and date ranges.(4158)
  • A change was added to keep the database connection open during the import process.(4106)

Build 135

  • Changed logging to user interface (LogToUI) to prevent an "Out of Memory" error when extensive amount of text lines are written to the interfaces list box. (4158)

Build 116

  • Updated framework to handle time zone differences and how they affect direct and indirect interfaces

Build 100

  • Compatible with Hach WIMS 1.3.8 Database version

Build 85

  • Minor change to Advance Configuration to disable Additional Info button if the interface does not support additional info

Build 84

  • Fixed a bug that caused interfaces to omit reading of Hach WIMS variables in rare cases when the natural order of records in the VARDESC table did not equal to 'order by varid' on Oracle platforms(3006)

Build 83

  • Added support for importing of Additional Entry Fields. For interfaces that support this framework feature, go to Advanced Configuration / Additional Info in order to configure you conversion map (3075)
  • Added support for User Interface to display Connection String when clicking on Source Configuration / View Applied Connection String (2821)
  • Added support for User Interface to omit asking for Input Dates for interfaces where selecting dates does not make sense (2806)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Floating Point rounding to overflow on very large numbers resulting in no rounding being performed on numbers (3016)
  • Fixed a bug that caused help.chm to be improperly located by the user interface when interface executable was launched using Windows Shell command (2932)
  • Fixed a bug that caused interfaces of common type SCADA2OPSSQL to halt importing in cases when users went around the program business rules and manually (in the backend) entered OPSROOT.FACILITY.FILENAME field in lowercase (2890)

Build 54

  • Added support for Configuring and Launching a Collector Utility

Build 53

  • Added support for LIMS2OPSSQL type of framework
  • Added support for Unit Conversion

Build 48

  • Fixed an interface crash if the selected OLEDB driver could not be found (2406)
  • Added a MINUTELY mode of scheduling of automated service (2447)
  • Displays a warning message when attempting to import into collector which is linked to incorrect version of g2_lu (2505)
  • Added ability to view and edit Last Run Date for Facility UI (2626)

Build 36

  • Fixed a loophole that may have allowed interface crash when UI log listbox was about to display more than 32000 lines of log (2495)

Build 34

  • Fixed a bug that pulled up incorrect article or category when clicked on submenu Help / Chapters. Platform now requires setting of link constants for every interface custom configuration module (2488)
  • Fixed a bug that took users to incorrect link upon clicking on menu item Support / Check for new Updates (2492)

Build 27

  • Initial release to public
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