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Q11700 - INFO: Miscellaneous Spread Report Templates

VarsNotUsingStandardName.hwr  Displays variables with a name not in the Variable Name Library.  Works with Microsoft SQL only!  preview

Last Updated: 8/26/2019


TableSizes.hwr  Displays the table sizes (disk space in mb) for all tables in the current database.  Works with Microsoft SQL only!  preview

Last Updated: 6/20/2019


DoformsXref.hwr  Displays the variables with entry range for the variables that are cross referenced to the doForms interface (Q14612) preview

Last Updated: 12/11/2017

MdeClarosSpec.hwr  Displays the variables with entry range for the variables in a chosen (prompted for) Monthly Data Entry Form. preview

NOTE: You will need to update the SQL Statement for the prompt in cell C2.  Click on cell C2 and choose Locate>Prompt.  Set SQL Statement to "SELECT ID,FORMNAME FROM MDE ORDER BY FORMNAME"

Last Updated: 11/17/2017

 Graph_2_Vars_Monthly.ss3  Spread report showing 2 variables and a graph of those variables preview

Instructions:  In order to use this report you need to locate 2 prompts(in cell C2 and cell D2) that will prompt for the 2 variables you want to run the report for. 
Author: SPD 10/01/2008

Yearly10VarByMonth.hwr  Displays one year of data on separate sheets for each month for up to 10 variables. preview

Last Updated: 4/5/2016

UserLoginReport.hwr  List Usernames and the last time they logged into WIMS. preview

Author: SPD 3/29/2016

ReportsLastUsed.hwr  Lists WIMS reports and the last time they were output. preview

Author: SPD 3/29/2016
NOTES: Highlights reports that have not been used in 100 days or more.  Unhide Column A and edit cell A3 to change the number of days before highlighting.

MISC_AUDIT_DATATBL_AND_HOURLY_CHANGED_RECORDS.SS3  Spread report showing all data that was edited (updated) in the daily data table (DATATBL) or hourly data table (DATADDH) preview

Author: SPD 10/01/2008

EntriesOutOfRangeTrigger(LastHour).hwr  Lists WIMS reports and the last time they were output. preview

Using: This report is intended to be used as a trigger report.  After loading template:

1. Save the report
2. Go to File>Report Options.  Click on Trigger Tab and click the ...Add button.  Select the report name you used in Step 1.
3. Go to Scheduled Tasks and Create a new Run Report Trigger task.  Schedule once an hour, choose any date range (date range is ignored since report always shows records changed in the last hour that are outside Variable's Entry Range).

VIOLATION_EVENT_REPORT  Spread report that displays violations/exceedences based on a trigger when a violation occurs. Also need to use VIOLATION_EVENT_TRIGGER. preview

VIOLATION_EVENT_TRIGGER Spread report that is used as a trigger or condition when a violation occurs in the database. Also need to use VIOLATION EVENT REPORT. preview

LIMS_Cross_Reference_Report.hwr  Report that lists variables that are cross referenced (interfaced) to a LIMS system. preview

Author: SPD 7/14/2009

Facility_Database_Report.hwr  Displays information on the Facility Database such as size, number of variables, data points, etc... preview

Author: SPD 4/18/2010

Facilitity_Symbol_Count.hwr  Displays the count of entries with a particular symbol in the WIMS Data tables for all facilites/databases  preview

Author: SPD 9/09/2010

NOTE:  Can be used to determine whether a Symbol can be removed from the symbol (data qualifier) list. 

KPI_Summary_Report.hwr  Summary report for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  preview

Shows a variety of statistics (Average, Min, Max, Standard Deviation...) for up to 12 Variables for any date range.

Author: SPD 11/18/2010


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