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Custom Daily Entry (CDE) forms can be designed to accept data stored in variables or to calculate results of equations from other data entries.  While these results might be stored in a variable, the supporting data entries may not be.  If you wish to save this raw data, a copy of each days bench sheet should be saved (See Form Options, Save Copy of Daily Bench Sheet).  Examples are:

Flows calculated in a CDE form on which you are entering meter readings.  Most likely the cell calculating the flow would be cross-referenced with a variable so the flow value is stored in the database.  If the cells containing the meter readings are not cross-referenced with variables and you wish to preserve the values, you should check the Save Copy of Daily Bench Sheet check box in File, Form Options.

TSS Bench Sheets  By entering weight values and the sample volumes, final TSS values can be calculated and stored in the appropriate variables.  It is a common practice not to create variables for the weights and sample volumes.  This data, therefore, only exists on the bench sheet.  To save sample volumes and weight data, you should check the Save Copy of Daily Bench Sheet check box in File, Form Options.

Conversely, if all the data entered on a CDE form is stored in variables, it is recommended that you do not check the Form Options, Save Copy of Daily Bench Sheet check box.  An example of this type:

A Daily Data Entry custom data entry form where each data point entered is stored in a specific variable.

When you select to Save Copy of Daily Bench Sheet, the saving and opening of CDE forms is taken care of for you.  There is no additional work required by the user.  When a CDE form is opened for a particular date, the system checks to see if a Bench Sheet has been saved for that date or not.  If it has, the saved form is opened, if not, the blank form is opened.

See Also: Form Options, Calculating values on a Custom Data Entry Form

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