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The BOD Manager Sample Setup allows definition of samples for use by the BOD Manager.  BOD manager organizes the BODs by sample.  A sample is anything for which you want to know the BOD.  Examples include: Influent, Effluent, Standard, Dairy Farm, etc…  Each sample can be cross referenced to link BOD Manager sample names and WIMS variables, so that final BOD values can be stored in the correct variable and date in the WIMS database.  The BOD Manager uses the settings entered here as defaults when adding samples to a day's test.    


Use the navigation bar to change the displayed record.  Changes are saved as you move off a record.  DilBlank, Standard, and Seed samples are predefined.  Your other samples need to be added using the Add New button.  The information on the form is used to setup a sample in the BOD Manager.  In the example shown, when Effluent is chosen to be added to a day's test it will be set up with three bottles (dilutions of 100, 150 and 200) with 2 ml of Seed.  These settings are just defaults and can be changed in the BOD Manager if required.  When the Final BOD is calculated for Effluent it will be stored to 0 decimal point in variable 4011 Eff BOD.



Sample Name: Name can be up to 15 characters long. 

Var: Variable to transfer Final BOD for the sample into.

Number of Bottles (Dilutions) for Sample: The number of dilutions or bottles that are normally run for the sample.

Dilutions: The amount in ml of sample in each bottle. Click here for information on suggested sample sizes. 

Standard: Check box if this is a GGA standard test.  If checked, the criteria for minimum and maximum standard test BOD will be applied to the bottles in the sample.

Dilution Blank: If the sample is a dilution blank test, check the box.  The Maximum Dilution Blank Oxygen Depletion criteria will be applied to these tests.  If the Dilution Blank sample is cross referenced to a WIMS Variable (it is not required to) the Oxygen depletion will be stored in the WIMS variable as the Final BOD is not calculated for the Dilution Blank Sample.

Used as Seed: If the sample is used as Seed in other Samples, check the box.

Decimal Places: Number of decimal places the final BOD should be rounded to. (Scientific Rounding is used)

Seed Control Sample Name: If the Sample is seeded, select the Sample Name of the Seed Control.  Otherwise select no seed.

Seed Quantity in ml: The amount of seed added to the sample.


Move to the first record in the list.

Move to the previous record in the list.

Move to the next record in the list.

Move to the last record in the list.

Blanks out the form allowing you to enter data for a new sample.

Deletes the current record.

Displays a pick list of BOD Samples allowing you to quickly move to a record.

Video: BOD Manager Sample Setup


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