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Q10394 - SUPPORT: GNR Server: Emailed reports fail to reach destination

Symptoms:  The GNR Server is appropriately setup to send email through your email server and yet the emailed reports do not reach their destination.  If you check the gnr_m_<date>_<time>.log file you will see a variation of the following error message:

Error 533: Sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts

NOTE: The log file mentioned above is located in the C:\OPSSQL\log folder, where C:\OPSSQL\ is the location of the OPS SQL installation running the GNR server.

Cause:  The email server you are attempting to send the emailed reports through is securely setup to not allow outside programs to relay email through them.  This is done by default to prevent persons with malicious intent from using the email server to broadcast “SPAM” email.

Solution:  Contact your email server/IT administrator and have them add the computer running the GNR server to a list of computers which are allowed to relay email.  This will allow the OPS SQL GNR Server to email the desired reports.

For Example: If your IT department is using a Microsoft Exchange Server, this website has an explanation  of email relay settings and how to setup Exchange to allow certain computers (IP Addresses) to relay through a mail server.

NOTE: This information may not exactly pertain to your version of Microsoft Exchange.

If your IT department is using another software vendor for their email server, they should refer to the vendor's documentation/website for more information regarding this topic.

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