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Q10370 - INFO: WIMS Client Bandwidth Requirements

WIMS Client Bandwidth Requirements


WIMS is based upon a true client-server architecture.  The client software has a large footprint and requires a speedy connection to the database server.  WIMS client uses network bandwidth in bursts.  For example, when the user is entering data, only the data point being entered is sent to the server.  However, when running a report thousands of queries may be executed – i.e. when showing Monthly Averages for the last 2 years for 100 key performance indicators.  Typically, for an operator using WIMS client a daily average of around 5 KB/sec will be used. (less than 5% of a T1 line).  Be aware that in bursts the client will use large amounts of bandwidth.

It is very hard to precisely state the minimum network bandwidth requirements for WIMS.  It was developed to work efficiently on a 10 Megabit networks.  Yet, depending on your current network bandwidth utilization, even 10 Megabit may not be enough.

We do not recommend deploying WIMS onto T1 bandwidth rated networks that have other applications running on the T1 line.  If you are bound by such network hardware, please consider running the WIMS client on an application server (such as Windows Terminal Server, or Citrix).

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