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Q10351 - HOWTO: OPSSQL Live Update Patch Instructions (ZIP PACKAGE)

NOTE#1 : This article assumes that your OPSSQL software was installed under C:\OPSSQL
NOTE#2 : This article assumes that are working on the OPSSQL Server machine
NOTE#3 : This article assumes that you have local administrator priviledges on the machine that you are currently on

  1. Navigate to the LiveUpdate directory under OPSSQL
  2. Stop the LiveUpdate NT service by double-clicking on service_stop.bat
  3. Download the latest patch from the support area of our website
  4. Run the patch. You will the following window
  5. Click Finish. A dialog similar to this will appear. Make sure to confirm overwrite with Yes, or Always
  6. Completion confirmation dialog will appear. Click Ok
  7. Navigate to the LiveUpdate directory under OPSSQL
  8. Start the service by double-clicking to service_start.bat
  9. Go to the OPSSQL Client software, and check your OPSSQL Message Inbox. You should get a message confirming the service is online similar to the following

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