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Q10215 - HOWTO: Linking user defined tables to program.mdb

I added a new table to the working.mdb database and I want to be attached automatically during the startup procedure. 


Information in this Article applies to:

  • Aspen version 7.x
  • Aspen version 6.x
  • Aspen version 5.x
  • Aspen version 4.x
  • Aspen version 3.5
  • Conifer32 version 4.0

If you would like your new table(s) to be included in the attachement process via the LIMS code, open program.mdb (using your LIMS admin icon discussed in arcticle Q10208) and click on the Table tab.  Open the table Attached Tables and type your new table name into the last row of the datasheet view.  Close the table and exit the system.  You will need to distribute this program.mdb to the other workstations for this modification to in effect on all computers.

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