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Q10211 - ERRMSG: Getting message that all nodes are used

I get the message that all of my nodes are in use, but no one is logged into the system.

Information in this Article applies to:

  • Aspen version 7.x
  • Aspen version 6.x
  • Aspen version 5.x
  • Aspen version 4.x
  • Aspen version 3.5
  • Conifer32 version 4.0

Whenever someone logs onto the LIMS a record of his entry is recorded in a table called Archive_Path.  If a person gets "bumped off" or does not exit the LIMS from the Exit button on the Main Menu his entry in the Archive_Path table is not removed.  The number of nodes you are licensed for is tracked and each entry in this table is considered a "node" . Therefore this person's event is counted as a used node.  If he logs in again that is another used node.  If this happens often enough all of your "nodes" can be used and everyone is out of the system.  To clear the count get into Access via your LIMS Admin shortcut (TCAT105 or TCAT108) and open working.mdb.  Open the table Archive_Path and delete all of the records.  Close the table and exit from Access.  This will set your used node count back to 0 and will allow people to log into the system.


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