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Q10210 - FAQ: New user defined fields missing from tables

I Added fields to a table and they keep disappearing.


Information in this Article applies to:

  • Aspen version 7.x
  • Aspen version 6.x
  • Aspen version 5.x
  • Aspen version 4.x
  • Aspen version 3.5
  • Conifer32 version 4.0

You are probably trying to modify a linked table.  When you open program.mdb and click on the Tables tab you will see numerous tables.  Some tables have black arrows next to them.  The black arrows indicate that these tables don't physically reside in program.mdb in actuallity they reside in working.mdb.  To modify a table that is linked you will need to close program.mdb and open working.mdb.  You will notice when you open working.mdb that none of the tables have these black arrows next to them.  This indicates that the database "owns" that table and you can now add your fields to the table structure.  When go back and open program.mdb and look at the table you modified in working.mdb you will see that the field is now present.


Keep in mind that you can change data in a linked table but you cannot change the structure of a linked table.


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