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Q10071 - HOWTO: Creating opssql_svc user for Hach WIMS services

NOTE: Screen shots for this article were captured from Windows 2003 Server. If you are running different version of Windows, your screens may look different.

  1. On your Desktop, right-click on My Computer and select Manage

  2. Click on Local Users and Groups, then Users

  3. Right click Users and select New User
  4. Fill out the user information for opssql_svc. DO NOT use opssql_svc as password since this article is available to anyone on the internet. Make sure that "Password Never Expires" is the only checkbox selected. Retain the password for future. Click Create and then Close

  5. Right click on the newly-created user opssql_svc and select Properties

  6. Click the Add button. In the "Select Groups" dialog, type Administrators and click OK.

  7. opssql_svc now belongs to 2 groups as shown on the following screen:

  8. Click OK
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