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Q10039 - INFO: OPS 32 Release Notes

OPS32 is now Obsolete - Hach WIMS is the replacement product

Version 3.4.9 (Released 7/19/2007)
Bug in verification of Backup process fixed. (773)

Version 3.4.8 (Released 2/15/2007)
Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Version 3.4.7 (Released 6/20/2006)

  • Michigan eDMR added to spread reports
  • Math toolbox DD functions (DDSUM, DDAVG...) could calc for the wrong hours in certain situations where the hour range spanned a day. (Fixed)
  • Yesterday thru today added to Shortcut date settings for Spread reports. 

Version 3.4.3 (Released 12/7/2005)

Spread Report functions COM and COMWO fixed.  When using the functions to display Sample Comments the VarId could be converted to Varnum in error.  The VarId is used in this formula.  Help file updated to reflect VarId.

Version 3.4.1 (Released 10/3/2005)

Custom Data Entry

  • You can now locate Hourly Data across
  • The Sample Comment Indicator (Red Dot in cell) now shows up correctly when form is loaded
  • After Calc button is pressed, Current Data display now works correctly for Hourly Parameters

Sample Comment Entry/Edit now has an erase button to delete sample comment.



Version 3.4.0 (Released 8/31/2005)

Math Toolbox - Added MVGM0,MVGM1,MVGM2

Locate EDMR Link/ Wisconsin EDMR now uses units to locate parameters in XML source files.

Qualifiers now show up correctly when producing EDMRs.  VQ and GQZ functions updated.

Locate EDMR Link, Michigan, Daily Values added.

In the interface tab under add edit variable, when you use the question mark to get tag names for the Filter Data tags, the Tag name is placed in the Signal Tag Field.  Only applies to RsView and RsBizware interfaces.  Fixed. (Q10113)

 Help file updated.


Version 3.3.6 (Released 5/20/2005)

Spread G functions (GAVG, GSUM, GMIN...) now support date literals to group by. 

Spread Report - Illinois eDMR now supported

BOD Manager no longer copies deleted samples when setting up a new benchsheet

POPS for WM added Sync data to speed sync time when routes do not need to be updated.


Version 3.3.5 (Released 4/7/2005)

Spread Functions

  • Spread GCC Function optional count type parameter added. 
  • Spread SQL function now supports time in the query.  Prior to this version, it would format all dates to mm/dd/yyyy, therefore you could not query on time.
  • LV and DLV Spread Functions now support negative search days to search foward in time

Misc fixes to Pocket OPS.

SQL Console added.  You can now press [F9] on the main menu form to bring the SQL Console.  SQL Console allows you to run SQL Queries directly againist the OPS database.  Super users only.

Updated help file.

Sandy Beach Water database tutorial is now an option during the full install. 

Live Meeting 2005 Console Install is now an option during install.

When you Change Facility with AutoCalc on Login set to true, the database will be calculated just as if you logged into the facility.


Version 3.3.3 (Released 3/14/2005)

  • Fixed bug introduced in 3.3.2 that caused Time Series Group by Weekly/Monthly to lock up
  • Pocket OPS Sync speed greatly improved

Version 3.3.2 (Released 3/11/2005)

Spread Reports

  • GFIRST function added.  GLAST now searches for the last value in the group.
  • DSORT now supports sorting by Date.  It use to sort only by value.


  • Time Series x-axis labeling improved for hourly and 15 Minute graphs
  • Hot Hit improved for hourly and 15-Min. Graphs.
  • Bugs fixed in Historical Equation Edit.
  • Pocket OPS Sync updated
  • Help file updated


Version 3.2.8 (Released on 1/20/2005)

  • Pocket OPS for Pocket PC route setup and Syncing added to OPS 32 client.  If you have Pocket OPS for Palm this has no effect.
  • A "clickable" link to the OPS Systems LiveMeeting site has been added to the Help About Window.
  • New Colors added to Spread Report Cell Colors pull down.
  • Misc bug fixes


Version 3.2.4 (Released on 10/15/04)

Spread Reports

  • Support for Wisconsin eDMR added.  See Help, eDMR for more information.
  • Lookup tables can now be imported.  CT Inactivation tables are availiable for download at www.opssys.com/support/CT_LookupTables.zip.  Save tables to your c:\ops32\LookupTables folder (you may have to create the LookupTables folder.
  • Fixed bug in Format, Cell Colors when selecting custom colors without selecting a color from pulldown first.
  • Added variable browser buttons when getting prompts for a report
  • New Help file released


Version 3.2.1 (Released on 7/21/2004)

Spread Reports

  • Time Series graphs can now be placed in a spread report.  See Spread - Graphs in help.


  • LOGIN_AUTOCALC ini setting added.  If set to 1, OPS 32 will calculated the database for the current month and the last 7 days of the previous month when logging into a facility.  Use the Calc Month on Login setting on the Options form (System Setup, Options).
  • Historical equations now display correctly in all situations
  • Bug Fix: Custom Data Entry can now edit/delete hourly data regardless of time that data was stored at
  • ListPro Version 3 released, support for mouse scroll in Variable Browser.
  • New Spread Report and Custom Data Entry Wizards released with minor improvements


Version 3.1.9 (Released on 3/25/2004)

Spread Reports

  • You can now copy/cut data and paste it to a Range of Cells.
  • You can now Paste Special (F6 key) to a range of cells.
  • In Spread Design, you can switch report dates using Month Spin Buttons on the button bar.

Data Entry Forms:

  • F3 Ditto key now works with a range of cells in Monthly Data Entry and Custom Data Entry

Time Series Graphs

  • When viewing a time series graph you can now select a different month without going back to Time Series Input using the Date Browser buttons.


  • New Spread Control spr32x60.ocx version 6.3.0 released.  Fixes minor display and Export to Excel issues.
  • Minor enhancements to Variable Browser
  • Rocky.mdb updated
  • Water Wizard updated along with WaterWizV3.mdb

12/12/03 VERSION 3.1.8

GMNZ spread function now calculates when outputting spread reports

ExcelExportDir ini setting added allowing you to set the default folder where spread report excel files are exported to. Use System Setup, Options to set.

Spread OCX (SPR32X60.ocx) updated to

Pocket OPS Style "Barcode" added.



10/22/03 VERSION 3.1.4

SpreadReports AVG function has been fixed

NPDES Report Setup Variables that have more than 12 characters in the short name can now be added to the report.

BOD Manager misc. updates


10/07/03 VERSION 3.1.3

Historical Equations now convert correctly


09/30/03 VERSION 3.1.2

Fixed miscellaneous bugs in Daily Report Generator
3.x Conversion Utility now handles spread formula like MAVG((C3),1) correctly
On time series graphs placing the month, quarterly, annual limits now works correctly
BOD Manager Criteria Setup now saves the Miscellaneous Rules correctly


08/29/03 VERSION 3.1.0

Conversion problem with GGMNZ formula fixed

Conversion problem with DRG Reports (duplicate variables) has been fixed

Conversion problem with AllowSymbol now fixed

DRG Edit now works when choosing individual variables from the pull down list

Custom Data Entry(CDE) - Formulas that refer to variables (i.e. GAVG(41,"M",1) ) now work correctly.

CDE - You can now add or delete multiple rows and columns.  Merge Cells, Rotate Text, and Locate Graphic have been added.

Daily Detail math toolbox functions are now supported (DDAVG...)

Excel Export Utility (Menu Utilities, Export, Excel) works correctly when loading a previously saved list.



07/30/03 VERSION 3.0.9

Conversion problem with RGMNZ formula in spread reports fixed.

Error 5 Invalid procedure call or argument error when loading a saved Time Series graph has been fixed.

Multi Variable math toolbox functions (MVAVG, MVMAX…) now expand variable ranges (i.e.V1:V6 is automatically converted to V1,V2,V3,V4,V5)

DDGM, DDMED, WMIN, WMAX math toolbox functions added

ROUND function now has optional parameter to set number of decimal places

Advanced Math Toolbox Functions added.  See Math ToolBox, Advanced Math Toolbox in help.

Math Toolbox @ lookup function now works correctly

Math Toolbox help updated

Spread Reports - STR function now allows IF statement to return text.  IE =STR(IF(A1=2,”Yes”,”NO”)) now works correctly.



07/03/03 VERSION 3.0.8

Updated Help File

AVG and COUNT functions now work in Custom Data Entry

Show Equation now shows proper equation in Custom Data Entry

Conversion problems with Viol formula in Spread reports has been fixed.

Time Series Graphs 2nd overlay variable has been added.  



06/10/03 VERSION 3.0.6 

The userdir is now properly read from the OPS32.ini.

Miscellaneous bug fixes


05/22/03 VERSION 3.0.5 This is the first version release of OPS 32 v3.0.x
Locate Weekly in Spread Reports now works correctly

The WW Wizard now setups the equations correctly

On-Line Help updated

Locate violations in Spread Reports now works with 15 minute and hourly variable types


7/30/2001 version 2.5.8 released to the Internet
The major enhancements in Version 2.5.8 include:
Added Rotated Text feature into Spread Reports

7/19/2001 version 2.5.7 released to the Internet
The major enhancements in Version 2.5.7 include:
Solids Wastage Report fixed.

OPS 32 v2.5.2 and later is a major upgrade from any OPS 32 v2.0.x. This version converts all your variable equations to the new Math Toolbox. When you open a database (either log directly into it or using File, Open Facility) it will be automatically converted. If there are any problems during the conversion, a message will display the variable numbers of the equations that could not be converted. Please write down the variable numbers and correct the equations using System Setup, Add/Edit Variables. If there are no problems OPS 32 will open the database as normal.

7/12/2001 version 2.5.6 released to the Internet
Monthly Data Entry - Minimum and maximum statistics now display proper decimal places in all cases.

7/10/2001 version 2.5.5 released to the Internet
The major enhancements in Version 2.5.5 include:

User Defined Symbols - Symbols (<, >, ND data qualifiers) can now be added by the user. For example, TNTC can be added to the list of data qualifiers. Go to System Setup, Symbol Setup to add symbols. Use Add/Edit variables to specify what the symbol means to each variable.

Auto Reports can now output graphs.

Intellution Fix Interface (iFix) data can now be directly placed into spread reports. See iFix update page.

5/18/2001 version 2.5.2 released to the Internet
The major enhancements in Version 2.5.2 include:

Math Toolbox - New more powerful IF statement and several new functions have been added.

Email Capability - Email reports as Excel attachments and graphs as jpeg files directly from OPS 32.

Multi Graph Output - Output multiple graphs at one time. You can even choose the layout of output (i.e. one per page, two per page portrait, etc...)

Archive - Archive data by year with the ability to Unarchive data.

The following is a list of minor enhancements and fixes in version 2.5.2.

Time Series - Output now defaults to landscape

Time Series - Hot Hit displays Sample Comment

Math Toolbox - Added WMEDx(Cx) weekly median calculation. SKIP Function added.

4/2/01 Version 2.4.7 released to Internet
Graphs - Multi Output now allows the settings to be saved for future retrieval.

Email - MAILFROM ini setting added. Sets the default from address. Use System Setup, Options to access.

2/26/01 Version 2.4.4 released to the Internet.

2/23/01 Security - Only the Super user can change Read-Only variable types to a different type.

2/23/01 Archive - Archive has been added to the Utilities menu. UnArchive has NOT yet been implemented.

2/23/01 MDE Design - When entering MDE Design with no forms created, OPS 32 no longer requires you to add a record.

2/23/01 MDE - Cells with sample comments are now highlighted in red.

2/23/01 Graphs - Time Series now allows graphing of hourly data. After loading a saved graph, exiting the view of the graph, saved settings are no longer lost.

2/23/01 CDE - CDE Templates added. You can now locate variables into cells with equations without losing the equation.

2/5/01 Graphs - Multi graph output added. Allows output of multiple saved graphs at the same time. Create Shortcut allows you to create a shortcut to Multigraph output.

1/25/01 Version 2.4.1 released to internet

1/24/01 BOD Manager - BOD Manager now allows multiple (different) seeds in the same batch.

1/23/01 NPDES,Florida Report - NPDES and Florida DEP Part A report now displays Min and Max with symbols (ie <,>, ND) to the proper number of decimal places (Use to always report 0 decimal places).

1/18/01 Custom Data Entry - RSLOPE, RINTERCEPT, and RCORRCOEFF functions added to Custom Data Entry

1/16/01 Time Series Graphs - Added Moving Average and Annotation to Time Series Graphs.

1/15/01 EMAIL - Spread reports and Time Series Graphs can now be emailed directly from OPS 32.

1/12/01 Math Toolbox New IF statement replaces old IF syntax. Now uses IF(Condition, TrueValue,FalseValue) and allows formulas in the IF statement. The following new functions were also added: IsBlank, IsGT, IsLT, ISND, TEXTEQ, TABLE, MVGT, MVLT. Refer to Math Toolbox help for more info.

1/5/01 Copy block - Enhanced Variable Edit, Copy Block. Updates equations in range and allows insertion of variables at any open location in database.

01/08/01 CDE - Print range fixed, "blank" pages don't print after main part of form anymore. Larger area searched when Auto Advance is "ON" to find next entry cell. Changed how data is handled while opening CDE forms. If data is overwritten or changed by a calculation on a CDE form, changes are written to a log and a message notifies the user that changes were made. Changes to the cell type and or formatting will no longer affect variable references.

01/08/01 Logbook Report - Added options to include Sample Comments, Daily Comments or Both.

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