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Q14544 - INFO: Claros Collect - Updating LabCal Sample Info

The WIMS Claros Collect Interface can update/create LabCal sample info (Sample Date/time, Sampled By, Sample Status) and test info (Analysis Date/Time complete, and Analyzed By).  You must check the Update LabCal Sample Info option in Source Configuration.

Example #1:  We have an Influent Composite Sample where we collect the pH and Water Temperature when we take the sample.  As data is imported from Collect for Influent pH and Water Temperature we can set the Sample Date/Time to the time the pH or temperature was first entered in collect.  The Sampled By will be set to the Personnel Record that has the Claros Username cross referenced.  The   The Analysis Date/Time Complete and Analyzed by for the specific Tests will also be set. 

The Sample Date/time, Sampled By, Sample Status will only be set for samples that are pending (i.e. they have no Sample Date/Time).  If a sample is already received and data is imported for the last test without a result, the Sample Status will be updated to Analyzed.

Sample is due on 7/17/2019:

In Claros Collect on 7/17/2019 at 8:00 AM, Claros user sdplay enters Influent Water Temp and Influent pH.  Data is imported to WIMS and the Sample/data is updated:

  1. Updated Sample Status to Received.
  2. Set Sampled By to Personnel Record associated to Claros User sdplay.  Personnel Field to match Claros Username is set to LC_PEOPLEUD1 in Source Configuration
  3. Sample Date/Time set to time values were entered into Claros.
  4. Results imported
  5. Analysis Date/Time Complete set to time values were entered into Claros. 
  6. Analyzed By set to Personnel Record

Personnel Setup - In order to find the Personnel Record we set Personnel Field to match Claros Username to LC_PEOPLEUD1.  We then enter the Claros Username in the Personnel UD1 field:

Example #2: We have a sample defined Dist001-123 Main St with Total Chlorine Residual and Total Coliform as the tests.  We have NO schedule defined for the tests, just the sample definition:

In this case when the Total Chlorine Residual is read in the field and entered into Collect the sample will be created for the date/time the Chlorine was entered when data is imported.  It will then set the Sample Date/Time, Sampled By, Analysis Date/Time, Sample Status will be updated as in Example #1.

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