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Q12287 - HOWTO: How to install a Hach WIMS Patch MSI


Hach WIMS Patch MSI's are files with a name that looks like "wims_ZZZZZ_Patch.msi". These MSI packages should NOT be run from the Hach WIMS Platform Installer Bootstrapper but rather launched stand-alone by double-clicking them and following the wizard.


  1. Click the link you were provided with to begin downloading the patch:
    TODO: screenshot
  2. Depending on your browser and/or security settings, you may see the following dialog:

  3. Click "Save" and save the file to a location - make sure you REMEMBER the name of the file and the location
  4. If you don't have Administrator priviledges, you must obtain them by asking your IT administrator
  5. Navigate to the location where you saved the file
  6. If you're patching a Hach WIMS Service, make sure you STOP the service before running the patch with one of the following methods:
    • From the Windows Services screen, highlight the service name, right click and select "Stop".  NOTE: close the Services Management console before proceeding, if the console is left open you may receive a "DeleteService FAILED 1072: The specified service has been marked for deletion."  message.


    • In the Hach WIMS Service Folder, run the "service_stop.bat" script

    7. Double-click the file and follow the wizard instructions


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