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DDVT returns values as text (values with symbols/data qualifiers or text entries) for Daily Detail variables (i.e. hourly, 15 Minute…)


DDVT(VarNum,offset/date,Decimal Places,   Optional No Value Print, Optional Interval, Optional IntervalNumber) 

VarNum:  Specifies the variable to get text value for.  Can be a variable number, a cell reference to a variable number or a Variable WHERE Clause.  

Offset/Date: If the field is numeric it is assumed to be the offset and is defined as the offset (number of slots for the variable type) from the start date of the report.  For example, if the start date is 1/1/2000 and the offset is 2 the value for the 2nd data slot will be returned.  I.E. for an hourly variable the value for the 1AM to 2AM slot will be returned, for a 15 minute variable the value for the 12:15 AM to 12:30AM slot will be returned.  If the offset is 3, the value for 2AM to 3AM (hourly var).  If the field is a date/time in quotes or a cell reference to a cell containing a date/time the value for the slot specified by the date/time will be returned.

Decimal Places:  Set the number of decimal places to display the value to.  Has no effect if it is a text variable.

No Value Print:  OPTIONAL. Sets what to display if value is blank.  If set to "COMMENT", the result comment for the variable/time period will be displayed if no value exists for the day.

Interval OPTIONAL. Used to retrieve data outside the report date range.  The interval sets whether to go back/forward years (yyyy), months (m), etc…  The following are the valid settings for Interval. 

Interval Description
yyyy Year
q Quarter
m Month
y Day of Year
D Day
H Hour
n Minute
w WeekDay
ww Week

IntervalNumber: Used with the Interval Setting to set the date to get the comment for.  Sets the number of Intervals to be added to set the dates.  See examples below.


In Design, Spread Reports use Locate, Daily Detail Values to place this formula on a report.


Start Date of report is 1/1/2000

Variable 1 is an hourly parameter

DDVT(1,1,3) Returns <2.012, value for 1st Slot (hour) of 1/1/2000

DDVT(1, “1/1/1999”,1) Returns >4.2, value for the passed date string, will get data outside of date range of report.

DDVT(2,3,1,””,"m",2) 11/1/1999 2AM Returns “SUNNY”, value for 11/1/1999 2AM  - Offset of 3 gets the 2AM  2:59AM Hour Slot, go back 2 months (m).  With Text Variables decimal places is ignored but needs to be specified.

DDVT(1,A4,2,”XXX”) Returns “XXX”  There is no value for the 4AM hour specified by the date/time in cell A4 (i.e. Cell A4 contains "12/25/99 4:12AM" .  Since Variable 1 is an hourly variable, the 4AM hour slot is searched for a value (not just a value at 4:12 AM).

DDVT(1,2,"COMMENT") Returns the result comment for 1/1/2000 at 1AM for variable 1 if no value for variable 1 was entered for that time slot.

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